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Corporate Profile

Sabahari Global Corporation is a Canadian federal corporation (no. 1427148-3) head quartered in Calgary, Alberta active in the export and import of paper, waste paper products and hardwood & softwood pulp. With our ground presence in key markets around the globe, we strive to be one of the best suppliers and exporters of various grades of waste paper and cardboard, softwood and hardwood pulp and manufactured paper.


You can rely on our world class customer service and we stand behind our product quality. Sabahari can take care of your shipment from the manufacturing/sorting facility to the port of discharge in your country. With the trust and support of our clients, we are proud to share that Sabahari is emerging as one of the most trusted names amongst pulp, paper scrap and manufactured paper traders across the globe. 

We source our product from across the globe to match the best CFR/CIF market prices. We have access to the best port to port ocean freight and as such we are able to compete in the strongest markets in the world.

Sabahari corporate profile
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